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H Family

I loved this session. These girls were so funny and were super easy to work with. And James and Tamra are both gorgeous, so that always helps make my job easier. And, apparently, no one in attendance (myself included) is a fan of mornings, but we decided to schedule this session early on a Saturday morning, so we’d have good light. Then it turned out to be completely cloudy. Go figure. But despite that, everyone was in a great mood, and things honestly could not have gone any better.

Also, Tamra and I went to the same high school down in Arizona, but we both moved up here to Washington (and are more Northwesterners than Southwesterners). It was great to see her again after all these years.


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J Family

I always love photographing this family. The kids are cute. The parents are good friends of mine who live far away, so it’s nice to see them. And they are all so fun. Kristin had suggested balloons for the session, which I was so excited about because I’ve been wanting to do a session of some sort with giant balloons for a long time. So this was my chance.

I was so excited because what do kids love more than balloons? Not much. I just knew this session was going to be a smashing success because I’d have six three-foot balloons, and the kids would be so excited and happy.

I was partially correct. What I didn’t account for, however, is the fact that kids hate few things more than losing a balloon. Especially a special, big balloon. So when we had a a very close call with the loss of a balloon (picture this: young boy lets go of balloon, wind carries it across the sidewalk and into the busy street, starts screaming, so mother runs into the busy street, moments before the light turns green, to fetch the balloon. She barely catches it, returns back to screaming boy and tries, desperately, to console him), the dream of the perfect session was a bit shattered.  It’s hard to recover after a traumatic incident such as that.

Before I go on, however, I must give a big, hearty pat on the back to Kristin and Aaron. And I guess their eldest child as well.  They traveled a very long  way for this session and had to deal with a lot of meltdowns, uncooperative children, and at one point, three children crying at once. Seriously, guys, you did an amazing job given the circumstances.

And after it was all said and done, I really had a good time still. No, it was not the perfect session. And that’s ok. To expect perfection is, well…silly. I don’t capture perfection. I don’t claim to. I don’t even want to. I enjoy spending time with clients, no matter how wonderfully or poorly the session goes. And the sessions that are less-than-ideal always give me some good laughs to look back on.

So, thanks J family. Thank you for traveling on an hour-long ferry ride with upset children.  Thank you for sticking it out, even though it would have been a million times easier to just go home. Thank you for rescuing that balloon, Kristin. And thank you for trusting me to take pictures of your family.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I would love to do another session involving balloons…if everyone is above the age of seven. (wink)

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I can’t get over this boy. He is such a happy baby. His nap had been delayed that morning, and we had to wake him up for the session. All I had to do was look at him, and he smiled the biggest, gummiest smile ever. And my heart melted into a big, messy puddle. The biggest miracle was that he stayed just as happy the entire session, which was about 45-ish minutes. This kid did not make me work at all. It was absolute heaven.

So, with that said, this post may be a little heavy on the pictures. Which is totally fine, right? I mean, I’m a photographer. You don’t come here to read.

Is it ok for me to say that I lovelovelove these pictures? And that I’m really proud of them? Also, instead of fighting my camera, I worked with it. I’m always so afraid to shoot at a high speed, but I did it anyway, and I am so pleased with the result. So, good job, me. And good job Racheal and Garrett, for being so lovely and fun. And for making a cute-as-a-button baby.

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L Family | Seattle Family Photographer

Over the Christmas break, I got to photograph my good friend, Kate’s, family. They hadn’t all been together in sometime, and so this was a great opportunity for them. It was great to catch up with my old friend (she now lives in Kansas). Also, they have two dogs that were so excited to be there! I got a kick out of them.

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L Family | family portraits

This session was so fun! The kids were high energy, but not crazy (i.e. easy to work with). The parents were fun and up for anything.  I really enjoyed myself. Thanks for letting me capture your great family, L’s!

Also, this is the family that won the free session giveaway a few months back! I’m so glad they won!

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This family is one of my favorites. Molly and Alex are among the nicest people ever. And their twin girls are adorable. And I’m so excited they will be adding to their family this winter! We had a lovely time at Kubota Gardens. I love that place.

I could seriously post a dozen more pictures, but I’ll stop there.  Let me know what you think!

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Here’s our little friend again. He’s eight months old already! My, how time flies! And he seriously keeps getting more and more charming each time I see him.

Do we love them all or what?

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